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Amália Rodrigues Portuguese icone

Amália Rodrigues is one of the greatest world music icons, that “music intelligence” decided to highlight amongst the 20th century elected ones. She is definitely one of the biggest portuguese icons.

Fado, as a linguaje exposed to the whole world, Cultural World Heritage, was, and still is to this day, “Amália”. She is part of the world gallery of vedettes and amongst them she stands out.

Became a worldwide known as “Queen of Fado” and, consequently, due to the important role of this musical genre, a international ambassador to Portugal.


Amália Rodrigues Brand

The new jewelry brand of OURONOR, Amália Jewellery, is an honor given to one of the most valuable symbols of Portugal, that expressed in songs what it is to be Portuguese. The new set of jewels were inspired in a immense collection of originals adding, however, some contemporary forms. Serving to celebrate Amália Rodrigues portuguese icone by the skill, knowledge and talent of several creators and artisans of goldsmithing and jewellery. Amália Jewellery is a line forged in a unique and eternal patrimony, built from a great admiration and affection to a unforgettable figure of the portuguese Fado.The balance of the pure and delicate forms evokes the emotion and the nostalgia, caressing the memory of the gift that managed to consubstantiate in the song what it is to be Portuguese. It is a set of silver jewels, some embellished with stones, of a high aesthetic and sentimental value. With lines and textures overflowing with uniqueness and beauty, the collection combines, in an exemplary way, tradition, design and innovation. The design and creation process of the pieces on the collection conclud an incessant search for perfection. All the of the pieces are hand made, translating the creativity of the designer, assisted by a team of professionals who assist through computer techniques, adjusting shapes and materials.

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