Comemorative Medallion

A Medallion carved with love

Limited Edition

An Icon of Portugal

Everything that was writen about Amália, the Ex-President of the Republic, Jorge Sampaio, resumed: “Amália made her voice a homeland, one identification card, hers and ours.

Writer David Mourão Ferreira, elevated amália as a female heteronym of Portugal: “Amália: a heteronym of Portugal, the female heteronym of Portugal.

Amália: one unmistakable voice in which we project ourself and throught which we have been promoting throughout the world.(…)

Maluel Alegre called her “The voice of the portuguese soul” and “The voice of all verses”.

Centenary Collection

More than protecting her memory, it is necessary to honor and value Amália, because these centenary deserves celebration and we should celebrate it with emotion. Have the privelege of  display the brand “Amália” it is also having the imperative duty of honor and extol her.

Amalianos Collection

“Amalianos” was the designation chosen by a ground of admirors and fans of Amália Rodrigues, that kept an anual meeting with the diva. The group members had one personalized identitifaction card, and they also each had one exclusive ring and medallion, cardved with the face of Amália.